the breeding


chocolate burmese

S*Deerhunters Sisu

Born in 2018 and a daughter of Miranda. Sisu have done well at shows as a kitten and have gained two Best In Shows and one Best of the Best i category 3. Sisu gave birth to her first litter in December 2019.

brown tortie burmese

S*Deerhunters Tilja

Sisu and her daughter Tilja lives with us. She’s a super charming cat who loves to play with socks and follows my son like a shadow and sleeps with him every night. 


Honorary mentions//


EP CH S*Svanstippen´s Juliette (1989-2003)

EP Ch Svanstippen´s Juliette  BUR n (1989-2003). My first Burmese and bred by Jan-Erik and Lena Öhrberg. “Jullan” used to be a successful show cat and became the mother of the A-litter.


GIC Papagena Nejata DM  (1998-2017)

English import from Lady Yardley. A fantastic  cat and breeding queen  and the mother of the F,G, I, L and N-litter. “Nata“ was sadly put to sleep in May 2017 at nearly 19 years of age surrounded by the family. Nata will be forever missed.



GIC S*Zagamin Puma

BUR n. Born in 2011. Great granddaughter of our lovely Nejata, and bred by Monica Bokström. Puma is the mother of the P and Q litter. She is GM2 normal and HK normal. Puma moved to live a happy retired life with friends last year.


FI*Seirene Guarujá

Born in 2017. Import from Finland from Mira Fonsén. A sweet and lovely character that stays with a friend in Sundsvall. “Miranda” gave birth to her first  litter 2018.


EP EC Papagena Francesca  (1992-2006)

EP EC Papagena Francesca  BUR d (1992-2006). English import from Lady Yardley. A great cat with big personality and a wonderful show cat that unfortunately only had two offspring (B and C-litter).